Season 2, Coming Soon!

Season 2 of Shipwreck RP is coming soon. Tune into our Discord to keep up with all our progress and updates!


What is Atlas?

Atlas is a survival MMO video game. Set in a pirate world, the players need to satisfy needs and fight against enemies while hunting for treasures and exploring. 


About Shipwreck RP

Shipwreck RP was originally created by Zenfar and Mashie in Oct 2022. 

It went from a concept between friends to an actuality within 2 weeks, and has provided Roleplayers with a fun and engaging place to tell their stories. 

As a staff team, we are continually looking into how to improve gameplay and the quality of life experiences for our players. 

Thank you for being our community of Castaways.


How to Join us on the Seas

If you would like to become a Castaway of the Shipwreck RP community. 

There are a few things you need to do:

First: Familiarize yourself with the Community Rules, to see what is expected of you as a player, and the ATLAS Server rules, to see all about this season on Shipwreck RP.

Second: Join the Discord, that is where all tickets, questions and announcements will be handled.

Happy sailing, and welcome to Shipwreck RP

Join Our Discord!

Join Shipwreck RP's Discord for our all of our latest news, events and fun throughout Atlas and other community events!

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