Code of Conduct

1. Respect other members of Shipwreck RP

a. Never Bully or Harass.

i. Shipwreck RP does not tolerate bullying, discrimination or harassment of any kind within our community. Players are expected to never behave or communicate in a way that is predatory, threatening, intimidating, lewd, demeaning, derogatory, or any other way meant to cause discomfort or disrupt another member's experience. Insults and verbal attacks outside of "in-character roleplay" are strictly prohibited.

b. Never Grief or Troll

i. Griefing or "trolling" is any activity that is solely designed to target and deliberately interfere with, restrict, or ruin the gaming experience of another player. Griefing typically goes in hand with incidents of harassment or bullying.

c. Never Cheat or Exploit

i. Cheating, use of third-party programs or scripts, exploiting game bugs and engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is prohibited while on Shipwreck RP servers. If you are suspected of cheating or exploiting the game, your access may be revoked during the investigation. If you find a glitch or in-game exploit, please submit a ticket in the discord.

d. No Hatespeech

i. Shipwreck RP has a zero tolerance policy for hate speech and discrimination. Hate speech is defined as prejudice, hateful content, slurs, or statements that promote discrimination, hatred, violence or intolerance toward others due to factors such as:
1. Race, Ethnicity or Color
2. Nation or National Origin
3. Gender Identity
4. Sexual Orientation
5. Religious Beliefs
6. Physical or Mental Disabilities

e. No Firestarting

i. Speaking poorly of roleplayers and staff, purposefully antagonizing other members to elicit response, or engaging in heated arguments in public forums will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with another member, submit a ticket or handle it privately rather than incite additional toxicity.

f. No External Communications and Content

i. Whilst you are in game, you must use the ingame VOIP system, and not be communicating with your company in an external source, this list includes but is not limited to:
1. Discord
2. Skype
3. Teamspeak

g. Watching Streams whilst playing

i. Whilst you are in game, please be mindful of streams that impact your story.
1. If you are gathering / doing solo actions that will not be affected by the content you are viewing, this is allowed
2. However, if you are viewing a stream and you / your company are directly involved, this is not allowed

a. Example: You and your sister ship, are conversing with another ship. Your ship cannot hear the conversation, however your sister ship is the one talking. If you are in the stream of someone on your sister ship or the other ship and you “in character” know the knowledge of what is being said. This is not acceptable, as you yourself cannot hear what is going on.

2. Content Restrictions

a. English Required

i. English does not need to be your main language, but you must be fluent enough to understand others and be understood in fast paced interactions that occur, both, in written format and VOIP communication.

3. Banned Content

a. Content related to the following topics is not permitted and may result in a permanent community ban. This includes all linked usernames, avatars, connected profile content, and any link that directly navigates to such content.

i. Nudity or Sexually-explicit content.
ii. Rape and Sexual Assault.
iii. Child Abuse and Pedophilia.
iv. Bestiality and Necrophilia.
v. Slavery and Human Trafficking.
vi. Images of bodily fluids or excrement.
vii. Gore, mutilation and graphic violence.
viii. Suicide and forms of self harm.
ix. Symbols associated with hate groups.
x. Terrorism, genocide, or real-world tragedy.

4. Rule Intent and Staff Discretion

a. The rules are not exhaustive but represent a clear image of our standards and expectations for the Shipwreck RP community.

i. Staff team have ultimate discretion during rule enforcement

1. The Shipwreck RP Staff Team has ultimate discretion over what they consider a breach of the server rules, unacceptable action, or general behavior that creates a negative playing experience, and/or is detrimental to the roleplaying environment we aim to create.

ii. Staff team have the right to conduct investigations

1. The Shipwreck RP Staff Team has every right to exercise an investigation if they believe there is foul play. If you see a staff member join your company to conduct an investigation, you may open a ticket to query it, however, the Staff team do not have too give a reason beyond, they are dealing with a ticket.

iii. Never contact staff directly for server support

1. Never directly message Shipwreck RP Staff (Owners, Admins, Moderators, Developers and Trial Moderators) with issues or questions unless there is an active server emergency taking place. Staff are under no obligation to respond to any direct or private message related to ShipwreckRP. If you have a question, concern or need an assistance, please ask the community first, or submit a ticket if it needs staff intervention.

iv. Staff Team Demolishing

1. The Staff team do not have to reach out and notify you that they are demolishing anything that has been restricted within the rules.

a. Example: Gathering Facilities (Quarry / Logging Camp / Mine etc.), Animal Storage (hatchery, barn, Chicken Coop), and Claim Flags.

i. For the Claim Flags, Staff will enter your company and make sure the one for your bed spawn remains available. If you have an excessive amount the others will be demolished.

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