Roleplay Rules

1. Stay In Character

a. Never focus on gameplay to the detriment of roleplay

i. Players should never focus on aspects of gameplay, or "winning" that gameplay, to the detriment of roleplay. This can include but is not limited to:

ii. Excessively focusing on the stats of your character, creatures or equipment (looking at you min-max'ers).

iii. Repeatedly tailoring the stats or build of your character for the current task (e.g. respec often).

iv. Performing in-game tasks or having skills that are inappropriate for the character (e.g. a chef character would not know the ins and outs of being a blacksmith).

v. Constantly attacking players without sufficient narrative or player interaction.

b. Never ignore or intentionally avoid roleplay opportunities

i. Players must do their best to never ignore, disregard or intentionally avoid the roleplay of others. Always try to engage in the roleplay that is taking place around you.

c. Always have a realistic "Value for Life" (Fear Roleplay)

i. You must value your life and the lives of other characters at all times, despite the game mechanics allowing players to respawn. Characters should always behave in a realistic manner which is appropriate to the situation, especially those that may lead to injury or death. Never act in a way that indicates no value for your character's life and survival.

d. Character Design is not a valid reason for violence

i. In roleplay, all interactions should be driven by a narrative, and violent weapons should typically be the final option. "Character Design" will never be an acceptable reason for ignoring the server rules. Players found to be resorting to violent or criminal acts without interaction or willingness to roleplay with characters outside of their circle, will be removed from the server.

e. Character Names

i. All characters names must be realistic, inoffensive and appropriate to the server theme, containing only characters found within the modern English alphabet. Additionally, all names may not:

ii. Contain accented letters, number or symbols (except for dashes or quotes).

iii. Reference memes, pop culture, famous people or other existing media.

iv. Use the same surname as another character or group without prior discussion.

v. Be 'veiled' or disguised, even to avoid name-plating (i.e. "Meta" or "Survivor").

vi. Be derived from your real name or any username that serves as your online identity.

vii. Be a 'gag name' intended to be humorous through similarity to strange imagery or vulgarity.

2. Permadeath

a. Permadeath or "Permanent Death" refers to a player character permanently losing their life in roleplay, unable to be revived again. All characters are mortal and, occasionally permadeath is the best option for stories where a return would seem impossible, illogical or ruin the flow of the surrounding storylines. Permadeath is a personal choice unless the character is engaging in illegal, violent or otherwise dangerous activities.

i. Players cannot force each other to perma their characters. (Unless special circumstances which will require a ticket).

ii. Committing infamous crimes and violent acts grants perma permission.

iii. Ocean Sentinels can permanently execute Infamous players with admin approval.

iv. The Shipwreck RP Staff Team can overrule extreme cases and force permadeath through server removal.

3. Fail RP

a. Fail RP can also be known as 'Non-Roleplay' The act of not properly roleplaying a scenario. This includes but is not limited to:

i. Repeatedly ignoring roleplay interactions.

ii. Intentionally leaving the server to avoid roleplay.

iii. Repeatedly ignoring roleplay interactions.

iv. Speaking about stats, game systems or other non-roleplay whilst in character.

v. Repeatedly changing your characters skill and attributes.

vi. Performing in-game tasks or having skills that are inappropriate for the character.

vii. Excessively abusing the physics system (i.e. jumping off mountains above land to grapple the last second, this goes against valuing your life).

viii. Not realistically roleplaying injuries that would have been sustained.

ix. Abusing graphical glitches that create unrealistic scenarios, even for humor.

x. Asking to be killed or forcing your own death, whilst in character.

xi. Dropping or accessing inventory items whilst cuffed, restrained or knocked out.

xii. Causing destruction or acting reckless without reason, simply due to boredom.

xiii. Constantly attacking players without sufficient narrative or interaction.

4. Metagaming

a. Metagaming and the use of meta information will not be tolerated. Metagaming is the use of knowledge that the PLAYER is aware of but the CHARACTER has not yet learned. You cannot know or act on any information that your character hasn't directly learned through roleplay. This list includes, but is not limited to:

i. Nameplating

1. Identifying players, tribes/companies, creatures or structures through the use of the nameplate or in game text.

2. Using a name plate to "see" a character that was obviously hiding.

ii. Game Mechanics

1. Using game notifications and most UI indicators as character knowledge:

2. Tribe/Clan Logs.

3. On-Screen Game alerts and notifications.

4. Map Location indicators and UI information.

5. Bed Spawn indicators and UI information.

iii. External Information

1. Using information that you have gathered from outside of your roleplay on the server.

2. Information from websites and player made guides.

3. Information obtained from discord or private communications.

4. Information obtained through viewing another players streams.

iv. Stream Sniping

1. Players may not use the information found within a livestream or its chatroom to effect the active roleplay on the server.

2. Using a livestream to aid in finding or avoiding a specific player.

3.Using a livestream to time or script a roleplay interaction.

4. Using a livestream to spy or gain meta information.

5. Using a livestream to harass, grief, bully or "meme" on a player.

5. Power Gaming

a. Power gaming is the act of using a game mechanic, external information or a roleplay concept to favor a specific character or story and give them an unfair or unrealistic advantage.

i. Unrealistic Characters

1. Players must not create unrealistic characters to gain an advantage in roleplay. This includes but is not limited to:

2. Immortals - Roleplaying as Gods, Demi-Gods and other Immortals.

3. Psychics - Acting out accurate psychic or supernatural events that would lead to metagaming (being a psychic does not allow you to justify your stream sniping!).

4. Min-Max'ing - Character Model, size and/or stats in order to have the "optimum" character.

5. Stacking Buffs - Utilising food and drink buffs in specific orders to gain the maximum advantage.

6. Unrealistic Fear - Players should roleplay realistic fear for your character's safety and life in the face of direct danger.

7. Excessive Knowledge - Claiming to be 'All knowing' or 'Ancient' to have an excuse of excessive knowledge.

b. RESURRECTION ROLEPLAY - Resurrection roleplay require admin approval. In order to return on a character who was assumed dead, or resurrect a character who has reached permadeath, please submit a permission request.
6. Forced RP

a. Never force an action or state on another player without giving them an opportunity to react, or a choice in the situation. This includes but is not limited to:
b. Taking a "sleeper" hostage without permission. DO NOT TOUCH SLEEPERS.
c. Claiming to be related to another character without permission,
d. Forcing any permanent body mutilation without permission (this includes tattoo'ing),
e. Forcing a character permadeath without permission,
7. Game Mechanics

a. Never exploit game mechanics that are unrealistic to gain an unfair advantage. This includes but is not limited to:

i. Structure Mechanics - Never circumvent locked company structures by using the UI to "Pick Up" or "Demolish" pieces.

ii. Building Mechanics - Never instantly replace structures during battle, or cover up break-ins with no evidence.

iii. "Honeycombing" or "meshing" - Never honeycomb or reinforce structures with extra pieces in order to maximize defences.

iv. Rank Locks - Never use rank locks to deny access to an area without a proper RP reason.

v. Maker's Mark - Never force a character to craft an item in order to "Identify them" by the crafting label.

vi. Rolling Ownership or "Heirlooming" - Never transfer an old character's property to a newly re-rolled character by abusing claims.

vii. Bed Teleporting - Never use beds to teleport of "Fast Travel" to another location

viii. Bed Teleporting - Never use beds to teleport of "Fast Travel" to another location

ix. Death Jumping - Never kill yourself in order to "jump" locations instantly (even if just to 'check something'.

x. Suicide Escape - Never purposefully kill yourself to avoid or escape the current roleplay.

xi. Vanity Camera - Never use the 'Vanity Camera' or 'K Camera' to manipulate your view and obtain meta information. If your character eyes don't see it, you don't see it.

xii. Animation Cancelling - Never purposely cancel character animations or actions in order to gain a combat advantage.

xiii. Animation Ghosting - Never abuse animations or emotes in order to glitch through solid walls or boundaries.

8. Honor "New Life Rule" (NLR)

a. Your character forgets all events leading up to your death (see 3.3). Details about how, where and who killed you may not be released. You may choose to RP an injury to account for the event.

i. Solo Farming and Crafting

1. NLR does not apply to solo gameplay outside of active RP. Should you die whilst farming, you can automatically return to your body.

ii. Accidental Deaths

1. If you are accidentally killed in RP-PVE situation (lag spike, glitch, misfire, random animal attack, etc) you may choose to return to RP when appropriate. Remember to supply a reasonable explanation for what happened or pretend that nothing occurred.

iii. PvP Deaths

1. Should you die during PvP on land you cannot return to the scene to continue the battle unless it is a formal war.

2. Should you die during PvP at sea and you are on your own vessel, you may respawn with the PvP timer

3. Should you die during PvP at sea and you are a boarder, you cannot return to the scene to continue the battle unless it is a formal war

4. Should you die due to PvE as a result of a PvP battle (e.g. Falling off the ship, failed boarding attempts and being eaten by sharks, which is still ongoing, you may not respawn on the ship if it is still actively in combat)

5. Should you die during PvP at sea and your ship has been boarded, you can choose, to not respawn and return to the battle. Or respawn and act as a Hostage behaving submissively. (See Below)

6. Hostage RP - You may choose to return to an RP PVP Situation following a death, only for the sake of Prisoner RP. When returning, you must act unconscious or critically injured and be submissive to any action.

7. Memory Loss - Your character forgets all events leading up to your death due to injury. If a witness survives and informs you of what they saw, you can begin to remember vague details, but not the full story.

9. Roleplay Blurring

a. There must be a clear separation between IC (In Character) and OOC (Out of Character) behavior and knowledge. If your personal feelings begin to bleed into the roleplay, it is advised that you take a break. If you continue to act based on OOC feelings, beliefs, disagreements or other information in character, especially in a toxic manner, we will be forced to remove you from the server.
b. Remember, your character is not YOU, and anything that happens to your character is not a direct attack on you as a player.

10. Banned Topics

a. Roleplay that references to the following topics, both written and verbal, are absolutely not permitted and may result in a permanent community ban. This list includes but is not limited to:

i. Child Abuse and Paedophilia.

ii. Bestiality and Necrophilia.

iii. Rape and Sexual Assault.

iv. Incest.

v. Slavery and Trafficking.

vi. Real world politics and religions.

vii. Real world tragedies, criminal and genocide.

viii. Sexual and Erotic Roleplay

ix. Sexual or Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is defined as any roleplay that focuses on sexual nudity, erotic actions, or depicts a sexual activity. This content is not permitted on Shipwreck RP servers or in public community spaces. If your roleplay leads in that direction, either take it to external DMs or 'fade to black'.

1. Erotic content is not permitted on the server or community discord.

a. Local chat is not permitted for describing erotic touching, kissing and other mildly sexual activity.

b. Written content that reference sexual activity must contain warnings and be rated no higher than moderate.

c. Adult characters may "seek privacy" in a room, without any further description in order to "fade to black" .

d. Erotic groaning, moaning and other sexual audio is not acceptable whilst on the server, even if no actions are visible.

e. Players are not permitted to manipulate emotes and animations in order to simulate sexual movements.

f. Sexual abuse or violence is never permitted on the server and should never be implied or referenced, even if part of a character's backstory.

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