Company Limits
a. Each Company can have a maximum of 10 people.
b. All Company names must be unique, follow server naming conventions and cannot be disguised (i.e. "Meta Company").
Ship Limits
a. Your company ship limit is 8 ships.
b. Every Company is entitled to 1 Galleon (any other Galleons count as an additional 2 towards ship limit).
Tame Limits
a. Your company is entitled to:

i. 30 Company Animals (this is inclusive of all breeding, gathering and farming animals)

1. There will be no requested extensions available.

ii. 1 Personal Tame per company Member - These need to be tagged.

b. Tame houses are NOT to be used. All of your animals must be outside and not in ANY storage.
c. Tames CANNOT be used in PvP Combat.
a. There are to be NO official alliances, only verbal.
b. Your allies CANNOT live in the same grid as you.
Leaving your Company (Peaceful Departure)
a. For whatever reason, sometimes a player or group of player need to leave the current Company. You may not manipulate the exit of multiple members over several days to circumvent these limits.

i. Exit Allowance

1. When leaving a tribe, clan or company you are allowed to take your personal belongings with you.

2. Your current Gear (up to 1 armor set, 1 set of tools, and 2 weapons).

3. Any Personal Belongings (specific to your roleplay, such as journals).

4. Enough food, water and basic repair material to survive the day.

5. 1x Ship (If multiple members are leaving to form another group, you may only take 1 Ship. You may only take the NPC Crew on the Ship, or if none are present, enough to man the sails only).

6. 1 Personal Tame (If you owned one).

Leaving your Company (Mutiny)
a. Mutiny occurs when a character that is choosing to leave the company, attempts to steal additional property, cause destruction or incite other members to join them as a final act of greed or defiance. This is always a hostile act and often leads to long term conflict.
b. Mutiny can only be performed by players who have been active within the company for a minimum of 7 days and have fairly contributed to the roleplay.

i. 1x Ship (If you are not already taking a personal ship) It Cannot be a Galleon.

ii. 25% of coin up to a maximum of 5000.

iii. A Maximum of 5 books, blueprints, maps or paper documents

iv. A Maximum of 1 stack of a rare harvested resource.

v. Any additional (if negotiated in OOC writing).

Company Facture
a. When there is a larger dispute that results in a large group fracture, it is best to negotiate the split and divide the company assets. If agreement cannot be made, all property beyond the aforementioned limits and allowances, must remain with the group that represents the original group majority.
b. NPCs stationed on ships, defenses or workstations must remain where they were originally assigned.
c. Do not stoneage, grief or cause excessive damage to the remaining members or their property.
d. Claim flags should never be removed unless all parties agree.

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