Settlements & Structures

Land and Settlements
a. Each Company may place a MAXIMUM of 3 Claim Flags.
b. These Claim Flags are for the purpose of BED RESPAWNS. Not to block off an area.
c. When placing your flags, make sure they DO NOT overlap with another persons territory, otherwise yours will be removed by the Staff Team.

i. If this is a repeat offense you will be asked to relocate your base.

d. You may "reserve" one plot of land for up to 48 hours, where you intend to build. This must be sign posted clearly.
Building and Structures
a. No Foundation Stacking or Spamming (Use Ceilings and Pillars instead).
b. No Building beyond your company needs / requirements (No Mega Forts)
c. If your land / claim is large, a staff member may ask you to justify the size based on you company size.
d. No building within the restricted grids (refer to the season 2 map).
e. Do not build where it will block points of interest, spawn points, major resources or passages, this includes the caves on the Golden Isles.
f. Always clean up your builds if moving, this is not a task for the staff team, this is for you to do.
g. If you are doing a full relocation, the staff team may be able to do a full delete of your structures (warning, any structures, tames, ships equipment etc will be destroyed if within the same grid when this command is executed).
Defending your Territory
a. Maximum of 20 NPC Crew allowed to man defenses.
b. All defenses that will target players must be enclosed within a wall. (The range of the defense should not exceed the walls limit).
c. All active defenses must be declared by placing billboards clearly around your settlement and painting them Red.
d. You are not able to use Animals in PvP Combat.

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