Ship Combat

Rules of Engagement - PvP
a. Step One:

i. Prior to combat, you must state a clear demand that is reasonable to meet and would not be overly detrimental to the roleplay experience. This demand must also include a consequence, even if only to say "or else".

b. Step Two:

i. You must allow the player ample time to respond to your demand, even if that response is do nothing. After being given ample time to respond, if the player has not yielded to the demand, you may engage in combat.

1. Surrender means Cease Fire!

2. If a party becomes subdued, downed, or voluntarily surrenders you may no longer attack. At this point, if the player is alive, Hostage and Imprisonment rules govern the scene.

Hostage and Imprisonment
a. Hostages may be taken within RP only with proper initiation (See Rules of Engagement - PvP) or when they have committed a crime and have been detained (No initiation required).

i. Imprisonment

1. Players are able to keep a captive prisoner for a maximum of 1 Hour, unless otherwise agreed by the captive or appropriate to RP.

2. If you intend to hold the prisoner longer, the Captive / Captor MUST open a ticket, where both parties will be added for this to be confirmed before the staff team, with a reasonable time frame provided.

ii. Roleplay during Imprisonment

1. Prisoners must have continuous roleplay during their captivity. If you must leave the player alone during this time, they should be given reasonable means to entertain themselves, or a way to attempt escape, thus turning the hostage time into a minigame.

a. (Suggestion: Put a pin-code on a cell door and leave the main door unlocked so they can try break out).

i. Care during Imprisonment

1. The Captor and Captors Company are responsible for the safety of their prisoner until their release or execution. They are expected to ensure they do not die of thirst, hunger, the environment (heat and cold) or by wild creatures.

2. The prisoner MUST also declare to their captors if they are dying from any of the above needs.

Death Matching
a. A death match ("Random Death Match" or "RDM") is the act of attacking another character without sufficient warning, reason or prior roleplay interaction, simply killing for the sake of killing them.

i. All combat must follow the Rules of Engagement - PvP.

i. RDM and "Kill on Sight" ("KOS") is not allowed.

Combat Logging
a. Logging out during a 'scene' in order to keep your character safe, avoid repercussions or escape a situation.
b. If you cannot finish a scene due to IRL (in real life) circumstances, you must contact the other parties and arrange to deal with the consequences when you next log on.

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