Ship Rules and Sail Limits

Ship Limits
a. All Sailing parties are limited to a total of 6 points TOTAL.

i. This is inclusive of any Allies you are sailing with.

Ship Points
a. 4 points:

i. Galleon, Broadsider, Majestic Kraken, Carrack, Ramming Galley.

1. All 4 point ships are NOT able to be used in PVP Combat.

2. All Galleons are NOT able to have Cannons.

For ALL Ships
a. All Ships must NOT have an enclosed helm and MUST have a 180 degree vision angle when looking in FIRST PERSON from the helm.
b. All Ships must not be be "Turtled". (Ships must not utilize structures to shield the deck, captain, or cannons from an attack).
c. All Ships must not honeycomb, stack or mesh building structures in order to increase the "durability".
d. All Ships are to have an even amount of cannons per side. This includes on the Mid Deck, and all railings (i.e. swivels).

i. There will be no exceptions made, do not build your cannons along the central line. They must be near a railing.

ii. All Cannons must be facing the side of the ship they are on e.g. Port Side Cannons Face Port.

e. All Ships cannot have Top Deck Can stacked or enclosed by structures.
f. All Ships with outward facing swivels must NOT be loaded with Grapeshot.
g. All Ships MUST be named before leaving dry dock.
h. All Ships Helms and Lt. Podiums MUST be on the top deck.
i. All Ships are able to defend themselves, even if below sailing limits, if they are NOT the aggressor or provoking aggression.
j. All Ships cannot be claimed / taken ownership of without any reason or lead up RP. This will require a ticket.
k. All Ships that are boarded will be considered under control of the attacking party, after all the defending players on the top deck of a ship are Killed / Knocked Out. All Parties are to STOP fighting and sailing if the ship is controlled.
l. Ship Sail colors MUST be painted before the ships maiden voyage.
m. All Ships are required to paint 2x Sails their faction colors. (If the ship has 2 sails, only the largest needs painting)

i. Te.g. Schooner 1 med 1 large - the Large Sail must be painted the solid color

ii. E.g. Brigantine 3x Large - 2x Large Sails must be painted the solid color.

n. All Ships are required to have their sail colors the same (e.g. No White Sails in a Black Sailed Company).
War Ship Rulings
a. A War Ship is considered a 'Fighting Ship', this is with the intent to engage in PvP or Hostile Intentions (Piracy), not just PvE (Damned Hunting).
b. A War Ship MUST have at least 3-Active people on board (a sleeping person does not count as active until they wake up) if it is looking to engage in hostile actions e.g. Piracy / Combat with the other Factions.
c. A War Ship is able to Sail with less than 3 people on board, as long as it DOES NOT engage in any hostile actions e.g. Piracy / Combat and only for PvE purposes or defending (Note. The War Ship CANNOT be the Aggressor).
d. A War Ship can have a total of 13 Top Deck NPC Crew (This number is INCLUSIVE of your Sail mutes).
e. A War Ship cannot use cargo containers.

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