a. Breaking into buildings and ships, whether to steal property or cause destruction should only be done to drive story and create mysteries for people to solve.

i. Theft or Stealing - Taking any property that doesn't personally belong to you without prior permission.

ii. Burglary - Entering a property without permission and causing major damage, in order to commit a crime.

iii. Robbery - Taking property that doesn't belong to you, from another person, by use of threat or force (occurs on land).

iv. Piracy - Taking property that doesn't belong to you, from another person, by use of threat or force (occurs on sea).

Motive and Requirements
a. Players are allowed to attempt burglary if:

i. They are playing a thief,

ii. There is valid RP reason to burglarize another character or group (or),

iii. You have an OOC agreement with the owner to push storyline.

iv. If this comes to a ticket, you will need to provide this evidence.

a. If you are a Witness to Theft you are able to choose to immediately engage the criminal in PvP or RP.

i. (Refer to the Rules of Engagement - PvP)

Robbery and Limits
a. When robbing an active player, if they submit to demands, you must abide by robbery limits.

i. You may only attempt to steal as much as you can naturally carry on your character in "One Trip" to your Ship or any means of escape, (this means being able to jump). You may not return to take additional items. Remember: Theft is for roleplay, not for greed.

ii. You may only steal a maximum of 3 paper items. Paper items include:

iii. Player Notes.

iv. Player Letters.

v. Journal Items.

vi. Treasure Maps.

vii. Crafting Blueprints.

viii. You may not harm or steal passive tames of NPCs

ix. You may not attempt to steal, knock out or harm passive tames or NPCs. Passive tames are not allowed to be touched. Additionally, you cannot rob someone of their mounts or tames unless they offer them in exchange for safety, and you are NOT ALLOWED TO COERCE them into doing so.

x. Players must always be left with means of survival

xi. When robbing an active player, if they comply to the theft, you must still leave them with a reasonable chance of survival. This means leaving them with weapons, clothes, food and water.

a. You may not interact with offline player bodies or 'sleepers' as they would likely awaken if you touched, moved, their pockets are access or their clothing is removed.

i. These offline players are seen as 'sleeping'.

You may not remove loot from their bodies, and you may not take their offline form hostage unless you have OOC agreement with the individual.

i. If this is brought to a ticket, you will need to provide evidence that you had that agreement.

c. Never intentionally kill or fatally harm offline or unconscious players.
Clues and Evidence
a. If a structure was purposefully destroyed, a claim was contested or something is stolen, you MUST stop to leave "evidence" in the form of note or a sign for the owner to find.
b. Evidence MUST NOT be hidden and is required to be visible and likely to be found.
c. Evidence MUST provide an actual RP trail, examples of this:

i. Signed with your actual Character Name.

ii. A well known symbol or "Calling Card".

iii. A Simple riddle or puzzle that would lead to you.

iv. "Clues" that can logically point directly back to your character.

v. Evidence that is "a lock of black hair, and big footprints" is not sufficient and has no purpose.

vi. Evidence that is "Insert good example"

d. Evidence MUST be factual and able to lead back to you.

i. You may never provide false information in your evidence, or try to frame another person.

ii. If there is a Witness, and you meet the below criteria, you do not need to leave an evidence note:

1. The Witness must be completely unaffiliated with your raiding group and have no prior knowledge of the raid.

2. The witness must acknowledge your presence and engage with you, even if to shout for you to stop.

NLR During Burglary and Raiding
a. If your character is killed during a burglary or raid on a player base, NLR takes affect regardless whether an enemy player was present or not.
b. Raiding is considered active PvP, and even if you are killed by an NPC or turret, you CANNOT return to your body. (Refer to NLR in Roleplay Rules).

i. You CANNOT repeatedly "Corpse Run" in order to perform a successful raid.

ii. If all players participating in the raid are on NLR cooldown, then the raid is over.

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