War & Raids

Property Damage
a. Raiding should NEVER be done out of greed, to harass players or due to external grudges.

i. Raid - Causing major damage to a structure or vessel in order to commit a crime, with the use of stealth.

ii. Assault - Causing major damage to a structure or vessel in order commit a crime, without the use of stealth.

iii. Players may only attempt a raid or assault if there have been multiple instances of serious aggression between two companies.

b. War - A Major ending event meant to cause extreme or final destruction or a roleplay arc.

i. In order to declare War, there must be substantial aggressive roleplay or previous battles between the two parties to warrant such an aggressive act. War is considered a major roleplay ending event meant to cause extreme or final destruction to a story arc.

Raiding Rules
a. In order to begin a Raid, a ticket must be opened, which will include both the attacking and defending party to discuss terms and times with Staff team supervision.

i. Rules:

ii. (These are subject to change dependent on the ticket discussion):

iii. Any aggressive defenses may be destroyed

iv. Any building/ship being used as cover, or as a location to fire from may be targeted. (This is inclusive of anchored ships if they are being used as cover).

v. Dependent on the type of raid, (Rescue Mission, Revenge, Assault etc.) will determine additional terms to be discussed within the ticket.

vi. Mute limits will still apply to both attackers and defenders. (Please refer to Ship Rules).

1. Attacking Party:

a. Entitled to 1 Hospital Ship which does not count towards the Ship Limit during the Raid.

b. This needs to be clearly marked and anchored on the island, away from where the raid is taking place.

c. There must always be at least 1 Player on the Hospital Ship to act as the Medic.

d. Death upon land, by either an NPC or Player, means you MUST respawn on the Hospital Ship if one is present, otherwise respawn at your base. You CANNOT rejoin the raid.

e. Death upon a Ship will follow normal Ship Rules (you can respawn there, until your ship sinks / is captured).

2. Defending Party:

a. The Hospital Ship Cannot be targeted

b. Death upon land, does allow respawning with the PvP timer and you may rejoin the fight.

c. Has "Home field Advantage" for the purposes of defending your harbor NOT chasing the attackers from the grid.

d. Ship Limits do not apply.

e. You may sail all your ships together.

f. Player Limits on ships to not apply.

g. You may sail any ship with as little crew as you want. (example, a warship with 1 person).

NLR During Burglary and Raiding
a. If your character is killed during a burglary or raid on a player base, NLR takes affect regardless whether an enemy player was present or not.
b. Raiding is considered active PvP, and even if you are killed by an NPC or turret, you CANNOT return to your body. (Refer to NLR in Roleplay Rules).
c. You CANNOT repeatedly "Corpse Run" in order to perform a successful raid.
d. If all players participating in the raid are on NLR cooldown, then the raid is over.
Structure Griefing
a. Firstly: Griefing is unacceptable as explained in the Code of Conduct.
b. Stoneaging is NEVER permitted unless agreed upon OOC, which will require a ticket with all parties to confirm.

i. If you destroy containers and do not need the contents, you MUST put the loot into nearby open containers, NEVER drop or passively leave items to despawn.

ii. It is advisable, that every company has at least 1 storage contained UNLOCKED in case of raids.

c. Repeat raiding without roleplay is considered griefing.
d. NEVER intentionally lead wild animals, NPCs, alpha creatures or bosses into players or player property in order to cause intentional death or destruction.
e. If you spawn creatures through the use of treasure maps, you must remain to eradicate them. If you are not able too because they are too strong, notify the Staff team immediately with a ticket.
Declaring War
a. All war must be the product of roleplay interaction and agreed upon by both parties. A ticket must be opened, which will include both the attacking and defending party to discuss terms and times with Staff team supervision.
b. Cooperation in War

c. No Trojan Horses

i. You must wear your company colors at all times during War.

d. Stoneaging

i. War is the only time, when stoneaging a company could be considered acceptable. These terms will be discussed further in the ticket and unique to each encounter.

e. Permadeath in War

i. Once a declaration of War has been made, both parties will need to discuss and agree the risks for such an escalation in conflict.

1.Be advised. If it has reached WAR, it is likely there will be terms to PERMA your character if you are captured. This is all agreed within the ticket.

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